Here at Littleleaf Farms we are a small Family Farm proud to offer our customers a variety of microgreens that are grown using organic methods with consideration for the health of consumers and the environment. All of our microgreens are grown in Ontario with certified organic and GMO-free seeds. We use organic certified soil and ozonated water for the most naturally grown greens.
We are dedicated to working with our customers to ensure that they receive the best quality produce that fits their specific needs. We harvest and deliver our microgreens within 24-48 hours to ensure that they have a fresh crisp flavour that is sure to have a BIG IMPACT and NUTRITIOUS CRUNCH!

Most of the microgreens listed in our shop are ready for delivery in 1-3 weeks and are guaranteed fresh and flavourful. If you require a variety that is not listed CONTACT us and if possible we will make it available to you ASAP!

About the owners

Co-owners Larissa and Jon have always been intrigued by nature and our place within the natural world. They believe that food fuels the body and good food enlivens the spirit.

Working with plants and farming has been a lifelong ambition. Since 2017 they have been growing microgreens for a variety of local restaurants and markets. Larissa is a certified horticultural technician and previously worked for one of the largest microgreens growers in Canada.

Dedication to the health and well-being of their customers, stewardship of the planet and providing a top-quality product are the motivating factors at Littleleaf Farms.

LittleLeaf family


My family and I absolutely love LittleLeaf Farm microgreens. They are delicious and nutritious and give food the extra crunch we are always looking for. I always look forward to trying new varieties and have loved each one!
Leah K. Oshawa, ON
Little Leaf microgreens have become a favourite with our family! Thanks for bringing your passion for fresh, healthy, and delicious local food to our family's table. We sprinkle them on everything we can. Smoothies, salads, and pesto are especially great with these little powerhouses added!
Robin V. Courtice, Ontario.
The micro greens from Littleleaf farms are fresh, flavourful and fanstastic!! They have become a staple in our home and we love adding the micro greens to our dishes for an extra boost of flavour and nutrition.
Hillary K, Oshawa
Little Leaf microgreens are the best microgreens I’ve had by far. I’ve eaten microgreens for quite a while now and there is no comparison to any other brand I’ve had. My family and I, including two young picky eaters, will eat them with everything, even on their own. Considering how nutritionally dense these are, it’s a huge win for any parent of small children. Add to smoothies, sandwiches, soups and even make into a pesto or chimmichurri. We’ve topped pizza, eggs, pasta and meats with these microgreens for extra flavour and boost of nutrition.
Kaylie S. Oshawa, ON
Along with a beautiful variety or products, and top notch customer service, Littleleaf Farms micro greens nutritional value and flavour has always been key to their model. I've been using their greens for a few years now in my restaurant and they've become an integral component to all of my dishes.
Chef Simon Brown , Amandalas. Peterborough, ON
We love Littleleaf Farm Microgreens! They stay fresh and crispy for days, and the salad mix blend is a perfect combination of flavours. We use them as part of our daily salads, top soups and omelettes, and add them as a side dish to fish, chicken and steaks. Best micro greens we’ve tasted!
Nancy G.
I have used Littleleaf Farms for all my sprout & micro green needs for years. They are obviously a very gifted team, they always exceeded my expectations. They continuously go above and beyond be normal line of duty. Multiple times they went of of their way sourcing out specific kinds of shoots I wanted and grew them for me. Not only that, the quality of micro greens and shoots they provided were second to none. To top it all off they are also the nicest people to deal with, bottom line is they ensure your complete satisfaction and then some. If you use shoots & micro greens in your kitchen then you 100 percent need to contact Littleleaf. You’ll be more then happy you did.
Chef Darryl Davey, Port Hope
I never liked putting greens like kale and broccoli in my morning smoothies, I couldn't get over the flavour and texture. Now I can blend a nutrient rich fruity smoothie without having to mix kale and banana together! The taste is incredibly crisp and fresh, also microgreens have more nutrients than their adult vegetables so it's truly a win win for me. I've got all the nutrients of the green stuff without the weird green soup! Littleleaf farms microgreens have boosted my daily routine and general health. I can't imagine not having a handful of greens mixed in with my salad or just on their own when I'm too lazy to make a salad! And I'm certain putting a pinch of littleleafs microgreens on top of any dish instantly turns it into a masterpiece. Amazing product!
Sam Brown, Millbrook, ON
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